Radionics Software Combines With Orgonite Powered Orgone Generator Equals Power Manifestation Results

How Much Orgonite Does It Take To Do Radionics?

Many people ask about the use of orgonite in the preactice of radionics.  A common question or concern revolves around the issue of how much orgonite is needed to complete a successful radionic manifestation.

Whether the operation is using radionics software, such as Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012, or a stand alone radionics device like the RAD 2400 HD or RAD-5, the use and amount of orgonite is an important ingredient in a successful manifestation.  It is fair to say that the more orgonite you have (as in using a larger Welz orgone generator) the shorter the operation time and the faster the results.  However, it is important to mention that a poorly formed operation will not be very successful even if it has a mountain or orgonite behind it.  It is like saying you can have the best gasoline in the world (orgonite) but if you are filling up a lawnmower (poorly planned operation) versus a Ferrari (well planned well formed radionics operation) the results will be different for sure!

I have seen people do operations with a device as small as a JU99 ce, or “junior” chi generator and achieve fantastic results because they planned their operation well and used the proper technique, so do not let your budget get in the way of your manifestation goals.  Select the radionics device that you can afford and with proper use you will be able to upgrade in short order.  Of course, having a super powerful machine like the RAD-5 donut shaped generator or the ATG 12000 gives you a huge advantage in power, but to take full advantage proper technique is required!